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Keeping it healthy you know.

Keeping it healthy you know.

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how to date me 


how to date me 

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i need a cigarette and a juice box 

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Anonymous: Why won't people get into the venue's when they post photos of their tickets online ? »

Because that barcode can be duplicated, therefore invalidating the original ticket.

Alizen Rodriguez Interview »
  • Me: Where did you grow up? What was your upbringing? When did you start in photography and when did you discover what style you wanted your photography to be? Did you want it to always be a hobby or something more?
  • Alizen: Los Angeles, raised by my mother, started photography in 2009, hmm. As for style I think it's just something I developed after a while. I liked macro and concert photography so soon after I decided to hone my skills with those two. I considered having it as a career, but I decided that I just wanted to keep it as a side job. I love art. But not enough to make a career or a living out of it. That's why I am a current business marketing major.
  • Me: What is your favorite tool in Photoshop? Why is it your favorite & what impact does it ultimately have on your photographs?
  • Alizen: I actually don't have a favorite tool on Photoshop. I use Adobe Lightroom, which is a sister program to Photoshop. If you want to know my favorite tool on Lightroom, it's actually the vignetting because I focus on the central subject.
  • Me: And how were you able to travel to Paris last summer?
  • Alizen: I went to Paris to study abroad under the UCEAP program here (University of California Education Abroad Program).
  • Me: Oh okay, awesome. Thanks!
  • Alizen: No problem. As for anything else, you can reference my biography on my personal Tumblr page at
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This is my most reblogged GIF from any blog I’ve ever made. Thank you all so much! Lizzie McGuire was and always will be a huge part of my childhood. :)

This is my most reblogged GIF from any blog I’ve ever made. Thank you all so much! Lizzie McGuire was and always will be a huge part of my childhood. :)

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Haven’t made a GIF in a long time. Really fun to do!

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Paramore | Now

“Lost the battle, win the war
Bringing my sinking ship back to the shore
Starting over, head back in
There’s a time and a place to die, but this ain’t it”

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You don’t like that I’ve smoked? »

Well, I don’t like the fact you fucked a guy you weren’t even interested three months after we broke up, so I guess we’re even in the things we can’t change about each other.


Jealousy. »

I hate it when I get this way
When it used to be you & me, not him & you everyday
I understand there’s been a change in your feelings towards me
But honestly, is us being just friends the way it’s supposed to be?
I’m glad that you are happy, I just wish I could say the same
Though it’s been so long, I can’t let go & it feels so fucking lame
But when you’ve gone that far with somebody else, nothing can ever compare
Everything I did to make you smile, now I wouldn’t dare
Maybe someday we can get back what we had from the start
There’s no denying, you’ll always have that special place in my heart

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Britney Spears singing Happy Birthday. Flawless. Absolutely flawless.

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This is absolute bullshit. »

Why can’t someone hire me? I don’t understand this. I’m so pissed off with this economy. There are so many people in this world that have jobs who couldn’t give a shit about them and they treat it like it’s nothing. I could do a hell of a lot better job and have a better attitude to go with it than those stuck up assholes who give you attitude at the drive-thru because they messed up your order. And to those assholes, there are people in the world who would kill to have your job just for the sake that they have money in their pocket. So all this bullshit about, “Ugh, I have to go to work today” needs to go. You need to shut the fuck up and appreciate what you have in front of you, ‘cause a lot of people can’t even get to where you are. I don’t give a damn if I’m cleaning toilets at a fast food restaurant, someone needs to hire me ASAP. I’m so sick of this. Rant over.

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Just finished watching The Hunger Games. »

Quality shit. Definitely reading the books now, lol.

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Rock The Boat - Aaliyah

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